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Mosiah 9 Isn't Fine

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#092 Mosiah 9 Isn't Fine

Joseph Smith makes us seasick as he jumps around in time.

Smitty decides to go back and tell us another implausible story about Zeniff: a man who still seems to get lost in the wilderness after being lost in the same wilderness before. What a leader.

Brother Jones and Sister Patience discuss Karianne Lisonbee, the Utah House Rep (and Mormon) who trusts women (to limit their intake of semen). Something she never did as she polluted the world with her 6 homeschooled spawn.

We get some figures to backup Prophet Nelson's Potempkin Temples: he's announced 118, only 2 of those are open.

El-duhhh Christofferson wants the believers to pump their spiritual muscles, and try really HARD not to read the entire article as a euphemism.

Rusty says "We will build temples. You will build people prepared to enter them." Ahaha, really Rusty? The photos are hilarious. Everyone looks so depressed. Rusty talks about the internet, and he really shouldn't.

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