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Roasting Saints 18

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#101 Roasting Saints 18

The Erection to Revelation Pipeline

In this 18th instalment of ROASTING the "Saints" podcast... We hear Keith Erekson PhD from the Church History Library, explain to poor Ben and Sarah, how the Book of Abraham came to be!

The hosts were clearly surprised by some of Dr Keith's horseshit. Perhaps most baffling was his explaination of how the book it still inspired by God!

Supposedly, the source for The Book of Abraham is a particular Egyptian papyrus. The same very papyrus that has since been translated in real "uninspired" ways by Egyptologists, and is known to be a funerary scroll titled "Hor Book of Breathing". Nothing even remotely to do with Abraham. But Dr Keith ignores all this, and incorrectly says it contains words re-copied from earlier works originally written by Abraham (the OG Hebrew Patriarch).

Aside from ROASTING "Saints", Sister Gigi tells a vomit filled story, full of alliteration and hilarity; and later even draws the basis for today's episode artwork, live while recording! As usual Sister Patience couldn't help herself and vectorised/modified it a little.

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