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Rahela is alive and well!

#034 Rahela is alive and well!

And will make your life hell!

The Latter Day Saints and the Seventh Day Adventists(SDAs) both formed recently in the 19th century (1800s). In fact, the founders were both born on the east coast of the US. Both sects are Christian derivatives, but apart from that, very different.

Remarkably for the era, the SDAs was started by a woman - Ellen G White. Although, she's considered a co-founder with her husband, she was definitely the crazy person who started this.

However, unlike Joseph Smith Jr who likely intentionally mislead people, Ellen White seemed to believe her bullshit. And the reason for this is actually quite tragic. She had a bad head injury as a child, and started experiencing hallucinations (visions), and wacky dreams sometime later.

To fully appreciate this episode, here is a quick glossary.

Sperm Donor
Birth Unit
The "health food" company that is still 100% owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church at the time of this recording. Ellen White advocated vegetarianism, which is why Sanitarium makes meat and dairy alternatives. You've probably eaten one of their cereals while binging a show from a streaming service.
Seventh Day Adventist


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