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The Roast of Brad Wilcox

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#059 The Roast of Brad Wilcox

Brad the fixer! Can he fix it? Nope.

Today we roast Brad Wilcox by pulling apart every letter of his "G.O.S.P.E.L." sermon!

Apparently he's been regurgitating this little lecture for a while, but we're roasting specifically from his performance at the infamous "Tri-Stake Fireside" in Alpine, Utah, on 6th February 2022.

Brad tries desperately to convince the youth of rich Alpine Mormon parents, that being Mormon is cool, and fun; and they should beg to be sent to an indoctrination camp called "FSY".

What makes the whole thing more amusing, is that Brad is actually this really expressive, charismatic guy. Christians would call him "dynamic" (whatever that means). He even cracks jokes complete with self-generated sound-effects! All while saying some of the most tone-deaf statements regarding the LDS church's bigotry regarding race and gender.

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