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#060 Fornification

Jacob 3-4

Sister Gigi tries to get a free Book of Mormon from the church without getting back on their records. Brother Jones improves the English language. Sister Patience loses patience with Smitty's shitty prose.

Sister Gigi's TikTok as promised in the episode. Have fun ya'll!

Memorable Quote 1:

Sister Patience: "Hey Jones, say 'lasciviousness' 5 times really fast."

Brother Jones: "Fuck you Patience."

Memorable Quote 2:

Sister Gigi (paraphrasing a part of Jacob 4:10): "Seek not to counsel the Lord, bitch!"


Stoney Baloney

If you want to see how the meaning of "stone that the builders rejected" has evolved over time, here's a journey!

In Psalms 118:22, the "stone" is the Jewish people, despised as worthless by their neighbours. God surprised all by using these discarded building materials to defeat their enemies, and make their nation great again. Such a political message. Which is unsurprising.

In Matthew 21:42, Jesus is trying to outwit some Jewish scholars who didn't like him. He mixes this quote from Psalms, with a silly parable of his own. The "stone" is the title/blessings/birthright of being "God's people". He's saying it will be given to others more worthy than these scholars. Oooh scathing!

In Jacob 4:16-17, Smitty is saying the "stone" is Jesus. A foundation to build a righteous people. The "rejected" part was a reference to the unwelcome reception Jesus faced from the Jewish establishment in the New Testament.

This meaning Jesus never used; neither did the psalmist!

At this stage of the Book of Mormon story, Jesus' birth is still 500 years in the future, and these words were supposedly written by a Jew familiar with just the Psalm. So how any of it could make any "plain" simple sense is rediculous.

Smitty betrays himself by including this common Christian rhetoric/misinterpretation in his boring story.

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