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Roasting Saints #06

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#071 Roasting Saints #06

Lucy Harris is Rad

Lucy Harris was a wonderfully sane person, but the hosts of "Saints" make her sound crazy. Gaslit from the grave.

Her arch nemesis - Lucy Mack (so many Lucys) - posthumously retconned Harris as a witness to the divinity of the Silly Book, when she wasn't alive to contradict the scam. And she knew it was a scam!

Even Lucy Harris' gravestone, which was clearly made by Mormons, is a travesty. Gravestones are supposed to have the date of death, but they didn't know when she died! They would have known, if she was a loved member of their community, but she was likely not in contact with them much after leaving her husband Martin, 6 years earlier.

Unfortunately, the only people to really record any of Harris' history, was Lucy Mack and Co. Who had invested interest in twisting this awesome skeptic into a witness of The Book of Mormon.

The artwork for this episode is Sister Patience's attempt to fix Lucy Harris' gravestone, while still containing most of the biographical info (which was largely about her descendants and husband because they didn't know her at all).

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Memorable Quote:

Sister Gigi describing the feedback loop that occurs when mormonism creates communities:

"It's like Lord of the Flies, but with really ugly underwear."

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