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Holland and Oaks try to save England

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#072 Holland and Oaks try to save England

Jarom 1

So Enos (pronounced like "penis"), spawned Jarom (pronounced like "share 'em"). Smitty knew he had to skip some centuries in his silly story, and Jarom was another of his non-sensical lack-lustre stepping-stones.

This one chapter book is so badly written, that in verse 4, Brother Jones messes up regurgitating Smitty's double-reformed-Egyptian 3 times in a row. And then conceeds to let Sister Patience read it, by saying, "take it away, Gigi!".

We also discuss a few other things, like WTF is this "second annointing" horseshit? Which inevitably leads to the fateful tale of hippy-dippy performance duo "Holland and Oaks".

Memorable Quote:

Brother Jones (reading verse 7): "And it came to pass that they came many times against us - gross!"

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