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Roasting Saints #08

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#075 Roasting Saints #08

(I|Mo)ronic Priesthood

Smitty takes his boy-toy Chowdery out into the forest, and hypnotically convinces him they were both visited by John the Baptist. Naturally they both get wet.

Back in the real world, disharmony in Harmony provokes Smitty to find a sweet gig elsewhere. He and Mr Slave (Chowdery), get free lodgings and food, just to write fiction all day. They didn't even need to do chores!

Upon completion of his amazing new golden plate prop, Smitty convinces his dad to try it out on Mary Whitmore. It worked so well, he eventually used it on 8 other people! He had surpassed Moses, because sometimes the sacred items in his hefted box could be inspected! And he really enjoyed inspecting boxes.

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