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The Roast of Susan Bednar's Husband

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#079 The Roast of Susan Bednar's Husband

Bednarator 2026 - I AM SCRIPTURE

We take a break from roasting "Saints" this week, to roast an "apostle". Join us as we bang-out a shallow-dive into David Bednar's greatest analogies, and miraculous redefinitions. Can we find the ticking heart in the healthiest looking cyborg sitting on the Quorum of the Twelve?

Memorable Moment 1:

Sister Gigi: "He [Bednar] has a Masters of Arts degree in Organisational Communication. That just means if you were reading the book 1984 by George Orwell, this is the guy that's in charge of the Ministry of Information."

Memorable Moment 2:

Brother Jones' response to seeing the Singing Preacher from Poltergeist II (who is a dead-ringer for The Bednarator) "That's a lot of teeth right there!"

Assorted Brownie Chunks:

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