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Christianese Proto-Waffle

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#086 Christianese Proto-Waffle

And it came to pass that Genetics says nayyyyy

Brother Jones makes some shitty waffles. Smitty narrates his character of King Benjamin waffling-on, like a drunk telling a disorganised story recursively. I wonder why?

We discuss the Founder Effect: the loss of genetic variation observable in isolated people groups established by very few "founders". Because they are isolated, the groups receive little or no new genetic information over time, from the larger population they are isolated from.

The term is often used when the isolating factor is geographical, but the effect holds true when the reason is social (including religious).

Infamously obvious in the birth defects of inbred royal families, such as the Habsburgs of the middle-ages. Much less pronounced, the effect has been cited as the cause of skeletal birth anomalies amongst the Amish of the United States.

And as we discuss, the founder effect created by ye olde polygamous Mormon families cannot be doing anything good for their health. Especially when young men have a tendency to be excommunicated, and patriarchs collect wives like they are trapping Pokemon.

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