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Mosiah 10: 2 Percent Hope

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#094 Mosiah 10: 2 Percent Hope

Your study guide to walking away from Joseph Smith's cult.

Mosiah 10 is so stupid. True believers have read this horseshit a billion times, but they're clearly not really READING it. It is its own worst enemy!

Key Stupidities:

In verse 6, Smitty incorrectly uses the word "rebellion". The ruling people cannot rebel against the ruled.

Zeniff dies, and his parting words to us in verse 22 include: "And now I, being old, did confer the kingdom upon one of my sons; therefore, I say no more."

If you were writing important history, that sentence should have read, "I confered my kingdom upon my son, Noah." It's even less words. Why would a king not tell us which son he crowned? Their lineage is very important to them!

Sister Patience calculates Zeniff's age at 54 when the "rebellion" happened. And there can't really be anyone in his "city", much older than him. So where are all these old men that he summoned to fight in verse 9?

Joseph was clearly having an absent minded day of "translating" because, the last two-thirds of the chapter is littered with the confusing overuse of personal pronouns.

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