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Mosiah 11: WTF is Ziff?

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#096 Mosiah 11: WTF is Ziff?

The Excitment of Dead Action Role Play in Mormon Temples

Brother Jones tells about a new "big fuck-all temple" being built near him, lit up at night with what sounds like a headache inducing amount of light.

Brother Benjamin and Brother Jones recall their personal experiences in Mormon temples. Jones specifically tells how when LARPing in a temple for the deceased (or is that DARPing?), the rituals are completed in sections, and done in batches. and the LARP includes sitting through a 3 hour video in one part!

Sister Gigi asks ChatGPT3 to improve The Book of Mormon. And, no surprises... It does!

Joseph Smith visits his iniquities. And the team try to work out what "ziff" is (Mosiah 11 verses 3 and 8).

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