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Mosiah 17-19

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#103 Mosiah 17-19

Lim-Hi now available in Orange and Grape flavors!

Brother Benjamin is back, and we're powering through another 3 chapters of A-Grade Christianese Babble. Smitty even advances his story in between all the meaningless religious phrases he endlessly decorates his verses with.

In chapter 19 we finally meet Limhi (again). We first met him in chapter 7, but from chapter 9 it's been the implausible backstory of his nation. Or is it a town? Yet it supports a king with an army and guards. Guards who can't spot a dissident, out in the open, baptising people. Guards who need to surround an unarmed docile prisoner, already in custody, in order to place him back in his cell.

Have fun as Smitty sends his characters in and out of the generic "wilderness", and how they somehow bump into each other out there. Smirk as flames cannot shutup the verbose Abinadi who decides to give a sermon while burning alive.

Book of Boredom: keeping the Book of Mormon silly, because it is.

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