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Roasting Saints 19

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#104 Roasting Saints 19

Temple Zero

On "Saints" episode 19 they discuss the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. A historic site currently owned by the The Community of Christ sect of Mormonism, rather than the main "Motherchurch".

The dedication sounded exactly like a regular Pentecostal mass-hypnosis session, complete with charismatic speakers that everyone seemed more than happy to listen to for hours at a time. Smitty and Rigdon must have felt so validated as they regurgitated King James style bastardisations of the English language to such a captive audience.

This first temple is a far-cry from the Masonic hybrid that Mormon temples have become. So naturally, they wheel out the ye-olde "line-upon-line" explanation, as a hypnotic trigger to let themselves off-the-hook for any cognitive dissonace.

Ben Godfrey even convinced himself that Smitty received the plans for this white-box by devine revelation. A design so simple, that if it were red, would resemble a hotel playing-piece from the board-game "Monopoly". He even name-dropped the Joseph Smith Papers website where we could check out the revelation for ourselves.

Turns out it was just DNC 95. Ben seemed so sure that even the interior was described. It wasn't. Instead, Smitty just says what activities are to be performed inside his silly white box.

If the Mothership ever manages to purchase this thing, I wonder if they'll stick a giant bathtub in there, and a stupid video describing Masonic handshakes?

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