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Mosiah 28: Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses

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#111 Mosiah 28: Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses

The people of the run-on-sentence of Limhi

Brother Jones and Sister Patience try to read Mosiah 28 with a straight face (not possible), and also discuss recent Mormon related news.

A Slightly Interperative Summary of Mosiah 28

The people of Zerahemla had "great anxiety" and were "desirous beyond measure" to know the history of a dead people group. So King Mosiah used Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses to aquire this information from some etched metal plates.

Old King Mosiah couldn't bestow his kingdom on one of his sons, because they all wanted to pursue careers as missionaries. Everyone was happy to see them go too. It's not like there was high-demand for them in primary food production, defence, or in the skilled trades that built and maintained their advanced civilisation.

But with so much joy, there was also deep sorrow. For these new converts, who had never committed any crimes, were apparently "the very vilest of sinners" before their conversion. And "they suffered much anguish of soul because of their iniquities".

Their wives thought this was a lot of emotion and superlative for a lifestyle of skipping church for a few beers with friends on the weekend. So, they were thrilled to lose the dead weight. The endless religious discussions and naval-gazing had become an imovable hindrance around the home.

Mormon News Stories Discussed:

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