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Alma 4-5:30 A dingo ate my Book of Mormon

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#118 Alma 4-5:30 A dingo ate my Book of Mormon

and shat it into the Waters of Mormon

Brother Benjamin and Sister Patience read 1.5 chapters from Joseph's Smith's tome of dingo shit AKA the Book of Mormon. They had a good time with it.

Sister Patience sets the record straight. A dingo really did eat an infant in 1980. Australia's shitty legal system bungled the evidence, accused the parents of killing their child, and sent them to prison. They have since been exhonerated. But the parents never totally lost the stigma of "baby killer", despite overwhelming evidence they were not at fault.

Let's hope humanity learns how to do the law better.

On a lighter note... Dingoes are adorably cute! They have big ears, look like dogs, but don't generally bark like domesticated dogs. Should they be called dogs? Maybe. Dingoes can interbreed with domesticated dogs.

As usual we discuss recent Mormon happenings, like how Rusty needs his faithful followers to go merge church-and-state so he can have the tallest steeples around. Why does Jesus need a tall steeple? Matthew 27:51 indicates that God's prescence is not confined to a temple, because the temple veil was miraculously wrent when Jesus died.

Jesus isn't even at the top of a Mormon temple steeple. It's the graven image of Moroni. I guess Mormons interpret the 3rd commandment (from the Ten Commandments), in their own unique way.

Mormons would be more relatable, if they were more Christlike as indicated in this heavily paraphrased story Jesus told in Matthew 25:41-46

Then God said to those on his left, "GTFO, go live with Satan!" I was starving and thirsty, and you ignored me. I was a stranger and you didn't welcome me. My clothes were threadbare, and you did nothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn't realise how lonely I was.

Those on the left of God then replied, "Whoa, where did that come from?" So God explains, "You never showed any love for the other humans I put you on the planet with. Living with other humans is the ultimate test, and you failed! Your innaction of kindness was like an innaction of kindness to me."

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